Lucky Panel

            On this chilly, but sunny day I decided to venture into the Stodůlky area in Prague. A little bit of history. This was supposed to be it, a paradise of socialistic living. A “ central park” that goes on for miles, uniformed and structured. You will never feel more alone in a packed place. This is the pinnacle of distances and heights. Just like the Dubai skyline, years ahead of its time. Even palms in the metro station, though a little short and very plastic.

            In this vast beautiful openness, you can smoke weed, hide trash and dispose of dead bodies with everyone just minding their own business.

Picking up trash for the good of the community? That is a communistic concept that will not be tolerated here. But you are not about that gluten-free vegan lifestyle, you are you, eating meat is payback for that dog shit you stepped into while running free in the park.

This project has also been printed and documented here: Youtube